Ending with a Bang

Lansing, Michigan—what a wonderful way to end our fall regional season!

We left Salt Lake City with snow falling, and you don’t expect it to be warmer when you’re heading for Michigan. They said we brought the milder weather, and I’ll definitely take the credit. . . .but whoever brought it, it was nice to have a little late season pleasant weather. (Of course, it was Michigan and it was November, so we’re not talking warm, but it was definitely warmer than I expected.)

Our crowd was wonderful—850 attendees, with 200 guests! Woo hoo! One of our largest groups of guests! And the really great thing is that we had more guests sign up to join our family than we have ever had at a regional before (at least to my knowledge). I’m not sure of the final numbers, but I know it was more than 70. Like I said, what a wonderful way to end our season!

Another highlight for me, as always, is visiting with our demonstrators and meeting new demonstrators, and knowing it was our last regional made it extra special. Thank you all for your warm welcome!


My project comes, I hope, at a perfect time for everyone—a neighbor/friend holiday gift. This particular project uses the Fancy Favors die, then I cut off the decorative edging to make a straight edge. And the handles are the two circles that are shown in the 2nd photo. . . .


So enjoy--and thanks, Lansing!