Above and Beyond

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to tell you a little bit about the extremely nice driver Sara and I had on our trip to New York this week.

First of all, we didn’t plan on having a driver. We were just going to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. We were standing in a VERY long line for the taxis (they estimated it was at least a half-hour wait) when this man came up, motioned toward a line of town cars lined up nearby, and said, “Why don’t you take a car? It costs about the same as the taxi.”

Well, Sara and I didn’t really believe that, but after confirming it, we walked over to the first car in line and introduced ourselves to Ryan, the driver, who we proceeded to thoroughly interrogate. After we asked him all sorts of questions and asked to see his ID, we decided to give it a try.

He was amazing! He drove smoothly and efficiently, asked us several times if we were comfortable and if the temperature and music was OK, and patiently continued to answer all our questions throughout the drive. We chatted about where he was from (Ghana), why he was in NYC (his wife works in the fashion industry), and where he eventually wants to be (some quiet, rural town, away from the bustle of the city).

By the time we reached the hotel, we felt like we were old friends, and when I mentioned that I wished he could drive us back to the airport the next day, he gave us his card and told us to call him and that he’d do his best to work it out.

The next day when we called, he rearranged his schedule to accommodate us and was waiting right on time at the hotel. On the way to the airport, when we mentioned that we hadn’t had lunch yet, he helped us find somewhere convenient enough that he could park and wait while we ran inside and grabbed something. Then he drove us smoothly and safely back to the airport!

I kept his card and will absolutely call him again the next time we go to NYC. I’ll also share his number with anyone and everyone who ever goes to New York (Ryan Jordan: 917-676-2562); he was that amazing!

He truly went above and beyond what he needed to as a driver, and we were so impressed and appreciative. It doesn’t take much to make a lasting impression and to create both appreciation and loyalty in people who need your service. A great reminder for all of us who are in the business of helping others. . . .