A Whole Lot of Nothing!

I’ve been a bit absent on the blog for a few days for a good reason: Sterling and I (along with a couple of our girls and their husbands) enjoyed a little R&R in Hawaii! It was a wonderful trip, and talk about perfect timing! It was wonderfully warm and relaxing there. . .to fly home to snow was definitely a huge adjustment! I’m wearing snow shoes and layers of clothes and, well, I guess it’s time to just accept the inevitable—it’s winter in Utah!

Last year we bid on this trip to Hawaii as part of an auction at a charity event. The trip included a week at a condo along the beach and it had to be taken by the end of the year, so last week was the week! The condo slept six, so only two of the other Gardner couples could go. We invited any of the girls who were interested to put their names in a hat, and then we had a drawing—Shanna and Jared and Shalae and Jon were the winners! We definitely missed the others, but we also had a fabulous time!

Sterling and I have been to Hawaii enough times that we’ve seen most of the tourist attractions and when we go now it’s mostly for the warmth and down time. In fact, every morning when I asked Sterling what he wanted to do today, his answer was “A whole lot of nothing!” My thoughts exactly!

I did take work with me, of course, and spent several hours a day on that, but most of it was enjoyable work: I stamped a lot (birthday cards and gift envelopes) and did some reading. In fact, I read a novel (Redeeming Love) for the first time in years! We also managed a few Bikram sessions, sunbathed a bit, and only set the alarm one day! (On that morning, we woke up at 3 a.m. to go see the sunrise on Haleakala—a truly amazing sight! We’d seen it before, but Jared has never been to Hawaii, so he and Shanna took a few sightseeing trips, and we joined them on this one.)

Other than simply the rest and relaxation, the other highlight would have to be the food (what else would you expect from me, right?). We ate dinner out most evenings, found The Fish Market that a friend told us about, and discovered fish burritos! Who would have guessed? We ended up going back three times they were so yummy! And we’re also pretty picky shaved-ice eaters, so we had to find the perfect shaved-ice place, and once we found that, we were daily visitors there as well. And, although I’m not a huge luau fan, we went to a luau (again, so Jared could enjoy that experience) and it was even great!

That’s pretty much it—an amazingly relaxing week, which I enjoyed immensely and am very grateful for! When it gets a little too cold for my liking (which is pretty often during the winter), I can just picture myself back in Hawaii for a few minutes and warm right up!