Easiest Neighbor Gifts Ever!

Last week I mentioned on Facebook that I was scheduled to appear on “Good Things Utah” and I was planning to share our neighbor gifts. Well, TV being what TV is, we found out yesterday that our appearance is being rescheduled to early January (I’ll let you know when), so I’ll definitely be changing my projects and focus! However, I thought I’d still share our neighbor gifts here!

I have to admit, I kind of feel like I’m cheating—these have been the easiest neighbor gifts ever! Sterling has made his practically world-famous granola and I’ve used our Trimmings and Tags Holiday Bundle for the packaging. We just threw some granola in the bags, wrote our message on and punched a hole in the readymade tags, and tied it with the sweater trim. Talk about simple. . . practically nothing to it!

As we worked on these last night—Christmas music playing in the background, occasionally chatting, Christmas still a week away so we weren't feeling rushed, and otherwise just enjoying the peaceful holiday atmosphere—I  realized that this is the way I’d always dreamed of doing neighbor gifts but never quite been able to pull off. And it’s only taken us decades to finally make it happen!

Now we just have to get them all delivered. . . .