Two Christmas Celebrations

As is our custom at Stampin’ Up!, we held our annual Christmas celebrations the past two days. Yesterday, we met as a group at the home office, and today we gathered together in Kanab for a fairly short (does an hour count as short?) meeting. I always look forward to opportunities to come together, talk about the great work we’re doing, and express appreciation for each other, but it seems especially appropriate this time of year!

In both meetings, we discussed what we’re doing at Stampin’ Up! to create fun, rewarding opportunities for people to discover and express their creativity. Three things we specifically talked about is our new iPhone app (Simply Sent—check it out if you haven’t already), our Google catalog (ditto!), and our amazingly successful Ornamental Elegance Kit (sold out in less than four days!).

We’re focusing on coming up with innovative, fresh ideas that establish Stampin’ Up! as a leader in the crafting and creative worlds, and I am so proud of what we’ve done this year! As I looked out at both groups, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation, and I am so thankful for the amazing people I work with!

As is also our custom at these Christmas celebrations, we honored Stampin’ Up! family members who have been with the company five, ten, and fifteen years. . .I love that part of the celebration! We have almost 50 employees who have been with us at least five years (including six in our international markets!), more than 25 employees who have been with us at least ten years, and 13 employees who are celebrating their 15th year with us! Woo hoo! We must be doing something right to be able to keep such great people around for so long. . . I know we’re trying hard to make Stampin’ Up! a great place to work!

I forgot to take pictures of those who received their service awards at our home office, so I’ll post those photos after the holidays are over when we’re all back in the office. But here are the photos from our Kanab gathering.

Thanks to all our wonderful Stampin’ Up! employees! I hope each of them—as well as our amazing demonstrators, customers, and friends—have a wonderful holiday!