Another Great Family Christmas Party

Grandma Pat’s Christmas party tradition continues strong in our family—and it gets better every year! Idon’t have much to say this year. . . we do pretty much the same thing every year, which makes it very easy! Everyone comes to Kanab (we gather at the Stampin’ Up! facility there) with their assignment taken care of, everyone knows what to expect, everyone looks forward to getting together and starting the holidays off in a wonderful way!


We all start arriving on Friday night. Saturday is all about playing with cousins, chatting, and enjoying great food; we also have a wonderful Christmas program. On Sunday we go to church, eat a delicious brunch, and then help clean up before heading out in our different holiday directions.

This year there were a few things that stood out. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus visited for the first time, kicking off the Christmas program. All the kids got to sit on Santa’s lap, and Mrs. Claus gave everyone a candy cane.

Families shared different talents, we watched the younger kids act out the Christmas story, and we watched our annual family slide show.

Another thing that made this year different was that we didn’t do any crafts! Can you believe it? We had crafts to do, for both kids and grown-ups, but the kids had way too much fun playing together and the grown-ups had way too much fun catching up.

We also had more babies than I think we’ve ever had before (which is maybe another reason we didn’t do crafts—mothers and grandmothers were too busy taking care of the little ones!). With Shanna’s and Jared’s twins, we did our part to contribute to that trend.

We also had a little smaller group this year than normal. There are always a few who can’t make it. . .that’s just part of having such a large family. We had three of our girls missing, and there were a few others who couldn’t make it as well. We missed them all! (I especially missed my photographer son-in-law—it’s a lot of work to make sure you have everybody’s photos!)


So that’s Grandma Pat’s party; I hope you enjoy the photos. We’re heading back up north and looking forward to more family time in the coming days. I hope you all enjoy this wonderful Christmas week and that you have a joyful Christmas full of love and peace!