Fresh Vintage Sale-A-Bration

I mentioned in a previous blog that I’ve fallen in love with several of the Sale-A-Bration products, and I mean that! If I had to choose a favorite, though, it would have to be Fresh Vintage.

Those who know me well know I’m a vintage girl. . . I’ve always loved the vintage look and feel. And this set is, once again, exactly what it says—vintage with a fresh flair! Each of the five images is definitely vintage, but there’s a sense of something modern about them too, and I love that combination.

And once again, I’m inspired by the versatility this set offers. . . five different images, and each image can be used in so many different ways!

This set, like all the Sale-A-Bration sets, is available in all our markets. Woo hoo! However, not all of our products are available in all markets. While we’re working to make our product offering more universal across the board, the beauty of crafting is that, if you see a ribbon or paper on one these projects (or any of the Sale-A-Bration projects that I post in the coming weeks) that isn’t available to you, all you have to do is improvise! You can always find something that will look just as good. . . and maybe even better!

Most of us tweak projects we see anyway, don’t we? We’re inspired by something someone else has created, but when we sit down to make it ourselves, we always have to make it our own in one way or another. It’s just a natural part of creativity—and that’s one of the things that Stampin’ Up! is all about!