Celebrating in Phoenix

It was a grand day in Phoenix yesterday! Every time I attend a regional, I am reminded how much I love them—for lots of different reasons. For starters, how can any regional be anything but wonderful when you have to turn on the air conditioning on the way to the hotel from the airport! Talk about a great start. . .

At one point during the regional we had a break, and I went outside. It was so warm, and I was having a delightful conversation with some demonstrators, and I got lost in the moment. . . Arizona is celebrating its centennial birthday this week, so there was a feeling of excitement in the air. We watched hundreds (a cab driver later told me there were thousands in the city) of motorcycles drive by the convention center, and most of them were Harleys. Be still, my heart!  (I love motorcycles.) I almost had to force myself to go back inside.

Of course, back inside was just as wonderful! This regional was one of our smaller ones; we had about 350 people in attendance. The energy was strong, positive, and happy, and I had a chance to interact with many of our Stampin’ Up! demonstrators, always an event highlight for me! We also had more guests than normal sign up to join our Stampin’ Up! family, and that’s exciting to see as well!

And I know I say this at every event, but it’s true—I always learn at least one thing, and usually at least a dozen things, at our events. And I see lots of inspiration with the swaps and contest.

Hopefully I provide a little inspiration too. I always share a project that I’m currently working on, and with the upcoming birth of our twin grandbabies only a couple of months away, we’re actually in the midst of planning for Shanna’s combination birthday/shower.

This glass jar will hold the drinks at the party and will have either a pink-and-white striped straw or a gray-and-white striped straw, along with a drink. During my onstage presentation I talked about different ways to “ornament” it (some of our staff teased me about teaching them a new word for embellish or accent, but “ornament” just slipped out. . . and seemed appropriate). There are several projects in the works for this party, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing those in the coming weeks as well.

Throughout the day, people kept thanking us for coming to Arizona, and I kept thinking, “No, thank you for letting us come here!” Happy 100th birthday, Arizona!