Hugs and Kisses

I LOVE Valentine’s Day!

I love that it’s a day that celebrates love and appreciation, a day that reminds us to focus on those we care about, a day that encourages us to express heartfelt feelings to others. Valentine’s Day makes me happy and always makes me want to reach out to others.

For years, I’ve always made the rounds at our Stampin’ Up! home office and given our employees Hugs and Kisses (the Hershey’s kind, of course!). My schedule doesn’t always allow me to do it exactly on Valentine’s Day, but this year I did! And I loved it.

I look forward to the opportunity to tell those employees who are at their desks how much I appreciate them. I don’t always catch everyone, but I leave a Hug and a Kiss for those I miss as well. And this year, for the first time, several employees mentioned my visit, saying things like, “I was wondering when you were coming by,” and “Thanks for taking the time to do this every year,” and “I was hoping I wouldn’t miss you.” I always feel a little silly hauling the basket of candy around every year, but when I realized that  people were actually watching for me, it made me feel great!

I wish I could wiggle my nose and visit all our offices, but since I can’t, I send a package of Hugs and Kisses to our Kanab facility and our international offices as well. Those won’t arrive today (hopefully I’ll get them out early enough next year so they can be enjoyed on the actual day), but February is a great time to express love and appreciation all month long, so it works.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that you are surrounded by people who love you!