Happy Anniversary, Zorro Style!


Sterling and I celebrated in our 32nd anniversary last night in grand style—attending the US premiere of Zorro, The Musical at Hale Center Theatre in Salt Lake City. We love the Hale Center Theatre, and attend as many productions as we can. When we were invited to the gala (a formal, black-tie affair, complete with a pre-show dinner), I jumped at the chance. Zorro is one of Sterling’s favorite movies, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our special day.

I set the stage on Tuesday (Valentine’s Day). Sterling didn’t know I’d bought the tickets, so I dressed up in a flamenco dancer costume to invite him and gave him a Zorro mask as a little added touch.

We arrived last night and were greeted with a red carpet and a gentleman in a white tux, who was greeting all the guests. There were about 150 or so of us attending the gala affair, and it was incredible! We mingled for a bit before dinner, enjoying yummy hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Everyone was dressed in formal attire, and the mood was exciting.

And we hadn’t seen anything yet!

For dinner, we were escorted down into a rehearsal hall at the theatre that had been transformed into an incredible dining room. Because of our special events at Stampin’ Up!, I’m aware of what goes on behind the scenes to pull off an event like this, and I was SO impressed! The hall we walked down was shrouded in black drapes, with huge candelabras (as tall as I am, with 10-12 real candles in each) lining the hallway.

When we walked into the room, we were greeted with more candles, wrought-iron chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and tables decorated with red roses and swords, urns with our table numbers on them, and individual name tags. 

Dinner was incredible, every course better than the one before! I didn’t leave a thing on my plate (even though I’ve heard it’s polite to do so), but it was too good to waste! And I noticed that everybody else was cleaning up their plates as well, so I didn’t feel too badly!

Somehow they knew Sterling and I were celebrating our anniversary; there was another couple there enjoying an anniversary as well. Before dinner, they acknowledged the four of us, and presented us with some chocolate.

A little bit later, one of the Hale Center officials who sat at our table brought out an additional surprise for Sterling—a goodie basket filled with several Zorro treats, including an antique Zorro book, a Zorro comic book, two framed Zorro photos, a vintage Zorro lunchbox and a Zorro pin. It was amazing. . . all I could think about was that we were starting a new collection and we’d need to find a place somewhere at home to display these fun new things! Everything had been incredible up to that point, but that basket put the whole evening over the top!

And then it got even better! After listening to John Gertz (executive producer, director of the movie, and owner of the Zorro brand, not to mention just a great, down-to-earth guy), we headed into the show and watched the production itself. Like everything Hale Center does, it was fabulous! If you’re going to do a US premiere of any show, Hale Center is definitely the place to do it. I think the show hits Broadway next year, but I can’t imagine that it will be any better than our own Salt Lake production. The Hale Center theatre-in-the-round facility is simply astounding, and the show was wonderful!

The whole evening was amazing, and we definitely felt very special. It made me feel like I hope our Stampin’ Up! demonstrators feel when they attend our special events . . . certainly a night that Sterling and I will never forget, probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  I wanted to take pictures of everything, every little detail, because it had been so well planned, but it was a fancy, black-tie affair, so I exercised a little self-restraint! I do hope you enjoy these pictures I did take. . .

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. . . love you!