Enjoying a Bit of Columbus

Had a great regional in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend! I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I really enjoy the new format of the regionals, especially the couple of “open” hours in the day that allows our demonstrators and guests to choose whatever they want to do. There’s plenty to choose from—demonstrator booths, Make & Takes, swaps, displays—and everyone can go wherever they want. It’s a fun, relaxed environment that I feel has really made our regionals more enjoyable than ever!

I especially like the demonstrator booths because the presenters are different at every regional, and I look forward to listening and learning from each one. I love the hints and tidbits that each demonstrator offers; everyone has valuable insight and experience, and I’m so grateful that they’re willing to share.

Columbus was our second to last regional for this season—we’re heading to Milwaukee in a couple of weeks for our last one—and things went smoothly! It was a nice size crowd—about 650, with more than 170 guests—and they were a warm, appreciative group. We’ve worked out the kinks, are feeling comfortable and confident in our presentations, and have the process down. . . set-up and take-down went great.

In fact, we got everything taken down and packed up so quickly after the regional was over that we were able to head out for dinner in the daylight—a bonus! We’d arrived Friday after dark and headed over to the convention center in the dark yesterday morning to set up, and we had expected it to be after dark when we got everything wrapped up, so it was a pleasant surprise to get done quickly enough that we were able to enjoy a tiny bit of the city. I enjoy architecture and there were some beautiful buildings where we were, and if it hadn’t been so chilly, I would have enjoyed strolling the streets instead of rushing back to the hotel through the biting cold.

It’s been my tradition for the past several years to share whatever current project I’m working on during my regional presentation, and at Columbus I shared the favor boxes for Shanna’s upcoming shower. I felt kind of silly because these boxes are so simple. . . I usually highlight a technique or have a tip or trick to share. But Shanna wanted it simple, and while these are certainly simple, I also think they’re beautiful—and they’re what I’m working on right now. So I showed how to make a project from start to finish. . . I did have one demonstrator come up to me afterwards and mention that she was looking for a favor for her own daughter’s upcoming shower and she was going to use the boxes. That made me feel a little less apologetic. (smile)

Hopefully a few of you are looking for a quick, easy favor box as well. . . .