Shalae and I held a Valentine’s Day party last night (just like I talked about at leadership)! Actually, Shalae did most of the work (she’s the demonstrator, after all), and I played hostess. I helped her a little with prep beforehand and had lots of fun stamping with our guests during the event. And it was a delightful evening! (Read more about it—and  why Shalae chose to have the party—here.)

The most exciting part of it is we are already looking forward to our next party! Friends in our neighborhood have often asked me to have regular events, but I just haven’t made the commitment. This time, with Shalae on board, I’m ready to do it! And it was so easy! We asked people for their e-mail addresses so we could let them know about each month’s event, and they were eager to share. We already know what we’re doing next month . . . watch the blog for our ideas.

I know, I know, those of you who are demonstrators and have done monthly classes before are probably rolling your eyes and thinking,“Duh.” But it really was great to see how excited people are to get together on a regular basis and stamp and chat and just have a fun night out!