Shanna's Shower

The girls and I hosted Shanna’s shower yesterday—a party two months in the making! If we had done it ourselves, it would have been two days in the making (we kind of put things like that off until the last minute), but Shanna knew that and asked weeks ago if she could plan her own shower. I, of course, said yes!

Out of all our girls, Shanna’s our party girl—our plan-ahead party girl! She just likes to have things in order. So she chose the colors, figured out the food and favors, decided on the craft, and made the decorations.  We all helped out some, but Shanna definitely did most of the work.

And everything went great! It was a wonderful afternoon. Shanna posted about it on her blog, so you can check out the details here. And with the shower over, now we can focus on the next big event—the actual arrival of Liam and Abigail!