Our March BS Dinner

We started a new tradition last month—a monthly Gardner BS Dinner. As our family gets bigger and the grandchildren get older, we don’t get together as often, and we miss it! So we decided that on the first Sunday of the month, we’d celebrate all the birthdays of that month (hence the B) and give anyone who wants to an opportunity to share (hence the S) a quote or story—or whatever—with everyone.

This month we celebrated Sterling and Shanna’s birthdays. We gave the birthday people the chance to choose the menu. Shanna said she didn’t care what we had, as long as she didn’t have to cook it. (Those of you who know how much she LOVES to cook now understand how tired these twins are making her!) And when I asked Sterling what he wanted, his reply was simple: “Do you have to ask?”

Nope, I didn’t. I knew what his answer would be all along. He love spaghetti—he would have spaghetti every day if he could! So we had spaghetti, Parmesan chicken, Caesar’s salad, sourdough bread, and delicious desserts that we’d bid on at the Fire & Ica Gala auction. 

We loved having everyone together (along with a couple of birthday guests) for the first time in what feels like forever! We ate, sang the birthday song (along with other songs), shared some thoughts, and just enjoyed spending time together as a family. I think I’m going to like this new tradition. . .