An Update on Shanna

Shanna and I had planned to have lunch today, then I was going to go with her to her weekly doctor’s appointment. I’ve planned all week to blog about that, so you’d all know how she was doing (so many of you have been so kind to ask about her. . .)

And, of course, like so many things we plan, life happened and nothing went as planned. I’ll start off by saying that Shanna did NOT have her babies. . . at least not yet. But she did call last night, saying that she had a sore throat and didn’t feel well. This morning she called, feeling even worse (she could hardly swallow) and reporting steady contractions.

She’s actually been having contractions off and on for days now, but these seemed to be more consistent than in the past, and a little stronger. She called the hospital, and the nurse told her she was welcome to come in, but. . . .so she decided to hang on a little longer.

Because she felt so yucky, we cancelled lunch plans, and she just came over to the house and hung out. Thankfully, it was a “work from home” day for me, so I was able to be there for her, chat a bit, and still do the work I needed to do.

Jared ended up going with her to her doctor’s appointment, where the doctor’s words were sensitive . . . and discouraging. “You are making progress, Shanna,” he said, “but not as much as you’d like!” He told her for her sake, he hoped things would start progressing more quickly, but for the babies’ sake, he was glad that things were still moving slowly.

Anyone who has ever been pregnant knows how hard those last few days are, and Shanna is uncomfortable and tired. But she still looks great, and she’s trying hard to have a positive attitude. She knows that every extra day helps the babies grow stronger, so she’s determined to hang in there.

In the meantime, anyone who has ever been pregnant also knows that the day will come when those babies are here, and if Shanna thinks it’s hard now. . . well, the fun is only beginning!