Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. . . almost 75 degrees! The morning started out a little crisp, but by afternoon it had warmed up. And what great timing!

In the morning, I had a board meeting at Thanksgiving Point (I’ve talked about this amazing place before!), and in the afternoon we had plans with some of the kids to visit the annual Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. The Browns and the Douglasses came (the other girls were out of town), and we strolled through the gardens and enjoyed the beautiful flowers.

Most of us have done the Tulip Festival before, so we knew what a treat was in store, but Sterling came for the first time—it was great to have him with us!

Last year, we had had a chilly spring, so the tulips were still beautiful but not quite as plentiful, plus we had to wear jackets and sweaters. This year, we wore layers (just in case) but were peeling them off! And the tulips were out in incredible numbers! There’s still more flowers to come. . . but it was a gorgeous afternoon—and I loved spending it with some of my favorite people!

These pictures don’t do it justice, but it’s taste of it! And here’s the website, which has even more gorgeous photos!