Happy Easter

Easter weekend is always special to me, primarily because it’s an opportunity to focus on Christ. While our girls were growing up, we tried to keep our Sundays focused on the Savior, so we did Easter egg hunts on Saturday.

Most of our girls have continued that tradition, and last night we were invited to the Browns to have dinner and enjoy their Easter egg hunt with them. It was nice to be part of a hunt again, watching young children search excitedly for eggs, having them invite us to come help them. . . I’m so thankful for grandchildren! 

Tonight, we had Sunday dinner with everyone (except for the Douglasses, who are out of town), and we gave each familiy a few Christ-centered Easter gifts. We traditionally give each family a children’s picture book (this year’s choice was a hidden picture book called “Who Is This Jesus?”), and this year we also have a Christus statue for each.

I also found some fun chalk eggs for the grandchildren, as well as chocolate-covered raisin eggs. (They look—and taste—a lot better than they sound!)

But mostly tonight we focused on our Savior and what He did for us and how our lives are full of hope because of His sacrifice and resurrection.

I hope your Sabbath was joyous too!