A New Tradition

We started a new tradition today—a few weeks ago Megan suggested that we (the Gardner girls) get together every week for lunch. We all thought the idea was brilliant, so we had our first Gardner Girls Lunch today.

Megan hosted it (we’ll take turns each week), so she got to choose the place and the menu. She invited us to her house, and she treated us to some delicious homemade Mexican food. We all told her she’d set the bar way too high, and we made sure everyone knew not to expect such delicious food every week!

The company, however, will be wonderful every week! It was fun to get together, and I’m already looking forward to next week. We know that not everyone will make it every week, but we’re going to plan it every week and have fun with whoever shows up.

Many of the grandchildren came this week, which meant that the lunch wasn’t quite as long and leisurely as it might have been otherwise. But that’s OK. Some weeks it will just be the girls, other weeks children will be welcome. Regardless, every week we’ll enjoy good food and great company!

And the good food and great company didn’t end there! Today Sterling finished his last class, and we had to celebrate tonight! While he still has his final clinic on Saturday and the state exams on Monday, this was certainly a milestone. So we ate at Tsunami tonight, a great little Japanese restaurant. It was the perfect ending to a fun day—I’m looking forward to celebrating the rest of his school milestones in the coming days!