A Hectic Week

Lots going on this week but not a lot worth mentioning.

Of course, the most exciting thing I do is spend time with our new babies. I tell each girl when they have a baby that I’m completely theirs for a week; because Shanna had twins, I told her she could have me for two!

So the Bridegan family has been a priority for me. I haven’t spent as much time there as I had expected, because Jared is between quarters at school, so he’s home quite a bit. But when they call, I go!

The problem is that I’m so excited to get my cuddles and change diapers and hold babies that I forget to take pictures; I know you’re probably all anxious to see pictures of these cuties! I’ll try to remember to take a picture of a proud grandma holding her newest grandchildren, but in the meantime, Shanna has posted some photos on her blog, so check them out!

Shalae also had her monthly stamping class, which was a huge hit! People loved the project, a patriotic banner that was just complicated enough to take a little time but just easy enough that everybody could do it. I’m proud of Shalae and her commitment to this class, and I’m enjoying the experience we’re sharing of having regular events. I do love to visit with our friends, stamp together, and have a great excuse for a night out with the neighborhood (and beyond!) girls.

And there are lots of meetings, lots of decisions, lots of other small important but not very interesting things going on. What matters most, I guess, is that I’m enjoying almost all of it!

I hope you’re enjoying what you’re doing too!