A Grandpa and Grandma Date with Stella

Last night Sterling and I were heading out on a date when we got a text from Sara asking, “What are you doing?”

I texted back (I’m quite the texter, you know!), “We’re going out on a date. Why?”

We waited a few minutes, then I texted again, “Hello? What’s going on?”

Sara finally replied, “It’s Stella’s dance recital, and I forgot to tell you. Oops.”

“When and where?” we sent back.

Well, the recital happened to be just a few blocks away from where we were originally heading, so we made a last-minute change in our date plans and went to a dance recital instead. We arrived just as the performance began . . . perfect timing.

The recital was only an hour long, and at the end, Stella received a little plastic trophy with her name engraved on it. Her first trophy EVER! She was jumping up and down with excitement. We were so glad we’d been a part of it.

Afterwards, her very thoughtful Grandpa asked Stella if she’d like to join us on our date. Of course! She even got to choose where she wanted to eat. So we had a tasty little dinner at Wendy’s (Stella wanted a Frosty), and we made some wonderful memories that I know we’ll treasure—and I hope Stella will too!