I Enjoy Funerals

I went to a funeral yesterday and was reminded how much I enjoy them. I know that’s kind of strange, and it’s certainly not that I love it when people die! But funerals inspire me. The music is uplifting, and I enjoy learning about the people who have passed on, hearing about the legacy they left behind and feeling the love that people feel for them.

I definitely experienced that yesterday! We went to the funeral of the grandfather of a dear friend. We’d only met him once, but our friend talked about him often and was very close to him. So we went to support her.

As I listened to his loved ones talk about him, it was clear he had made a difference in the lives of people who surrounded him. I was reminded what a powerful influence one person can have, and I determined to be a better person and make sure that the influence I have on those around me is a positive one.

So, that’s why I enjoy funerals—they make me a better person!