Sterling's Official

Last week Sterling turned in his last paper, earlier this week he passed his state exam, and yesterday he graduated—the final hurrah! After seven months, he’s an official massage therapist!

His graduation ceremony yesterday was short and sweet, exactly the way we all like events like that to be. His class was small, a couple dozen or so. And Sterling even spoke. He was the class ambassador, which they explained was the person who “held the class together like glue.” That sounds like something he would definitely do!

Not everyone could make it, but it was great to have those who could be there with us. The twins had their first “official” outing—they didn’t wake up or leave their car seats, but they were there. And after the ceremony, we headed back home and had a BBQ with family and friends, celebrating Sterling’s exciting accomplishment.

It was a good day. . . and one we’ve been waiting for! And now that it’s here, I’ll enjoy having Sterling around a little bit more . . . but not for another week. I’m off to Australia tomorrow for our South Pacific convention. But what’s another week, right? And I will definitely enjoy being with our Australia and New Zealand demonstrators this next week. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get back!