Home from Florida. . .

I’m back from Florida, and I have to admit, the trip didn’t go as I had anticipated.

For starters, I was more than a little disappointed that Sterling wouldn’t be going with me on this trip—it’s the first incentive trip he’s ever missed! So I knew going into it I would be missing him. On top of that, I wasn’t certain how much time I’d be spending with our girls who went; some were taking their children, some weren’t, and I didn’t want them to have to worry about dragging Grandma along. Finally, because it was a land-based incentive trip, I didn’t think I’d be seeing as much of the demonstrators as I see on a cruise, so I was bummed about that as well. So I packed a lot of work and decided I’d make the most of my time sitting in the hotel or by the pool and get caught up.

Well, I’m happy to report that, while I didn’t get nearly as much work done as I’d expected, I had much more fun than I expected!

I went to the parks almost every day with at last one of the girls; it was fun to spend some time at Disney with family! Although I didn’t end up riding a lot of rides, seeing It’s a Small World and the Peter Pan ride through the eyes of Kona and Makai was wonderful, and simply walking around with some of the kids was thoroughly enjoyable.

And I got to see lots of demonstrators, along with their family and friends, as well as our home office family members. We had breakfast together every morning, and while it was come-and-go, I enjoyed chatting with these amazing people and meeting those who had come with them on the trip.

In addition, I saw demonstrators at every park we visited, in the elevators at the hotel, and just walking along the Boardwalk.

We also had two formal Stampin’ Up! events, and of course, I spent as much time as I could with demonstrators at those events. During our Share Night on Wednesday we handed out new catalogs—that was an unexpected surprise for those in attendance, and it was so fun to see them all looking through the new catalog! Judging from their reactions, I think we’re in for another great year of Stampin’ Up! product and creativity!

And our closing event on Thursday night was fabulous! We enjoyed dinner and entertainment on the Indiana Jones stage at Hollywood Studios. There was music, a DJ, belly dancing, great food, and a wonderful atmosphere.

We even granted a few wishes, something that seems to happen frequently at Disney. Earlier in the week we’d told demonstrators that we wanted to grant a few wishes, and we invited them to post their wishes on a wall in the hospitality room. Wishes could be product related or donation related.

On Thursday, we announced the wish winners. I won’t list them all here, but I will say I wish we could have granted all the wishes. . . and I’m grateful that we could help out where we did!

So many demonstrators, along with their guests, came up and thanked us for such a great week!

And I have to admit, it was an enjoyable week. I loved seeing grown-ups act like kids. . . Disney has a way of doing that to us! And I loved seeing parents and grandparents and children spending valuable time together and creating memories that I know will last a lifetime! I’m so thrilled that Stampin’ Up! can be part of making that possible. . .

And now I’m thrilled to be back home. I did miss Sterling and the children and grandchildren who didn’t go, so I’m looking forward to spending time with them!

Thanks to all those who made the trip possible, as well as all those who went. It was a wonderful week!