I Definitely Stuffed It!

I’ve learned—and lived—a new term while here in Australia for our annual convention. The term is “stuffed it,” and basically it means to blow it big time. And boy, did I!

Typically I don’t blog during a Stampin’ Up! event because I’m focused on what’s going on and spending time with our demonstrators. But I had to tell this story before others did, although I’m sure they’d tell it very sweetly! And I didn’t want to taint the convention wrap-up blog with this sad story either, so I just figured it was better to get it out of the way.

During most Stampin’ Up! events, I do an onstage stamping presentation. Although I’m never flawless (I’ll mess up words, forget facts, or even mention a product that isn’t available), I have never done quite as poorly as I did in Canberra yesterday!

I won’t go into great detail. Suffice it to say that my first project featured two products that aren't even available in the South Pacific market, and it went downhill—fast!—from there. I called our country manager by the wrong name, I literally forgot dozens of words, I messed up projects and . . . well, basically, I stuffed it!

And in case you think perhaps it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, let me share a few things with you. Partway through the presentation demonstrators in the audience organized a cheer (on three, they shouted, “We love you, Shelli), our country manager later confessed that he was considering coming up on stage to give me a much-needed hug (our events producer refused to let him because he was afraid that I would start to cry—and he was probably right!), and when I finally got off stage, I was met by Pam Morgan, a corporate team member, who gave me a big hug and then started laughing.

“It was terrible, wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Well . . . ” she hesitated, “it certainly was. . . (another long pause). . . remarkable.”

I’m so grateful it’s over; there were moments on stage that I thought would last a lifetime! When I ended, I apologized to our demonstrators, telling them that if I hadn’t inspired them, at least I’d entertained them! And throughout the afternoon and evening, dozens and dozens of demonstrators came up to me, hugging me and reassuring me that they understood.

Hopefully this is a once-in-a-lifetime blog, and I’ll never be sharing this type of experience again! And in the meantime, I did have a guest or two, as well as some new demonstrators, mention that they had been hesitant to join because they were worried about demonstrating in front of others and making mistakes. “I thought you had to be perfect,” they said. “But if you can mess up, and you’re the CEO, then I figure it’s OK if I mess up too.”

Glad I could be an. . . inspiration?