Best Powell Trip Ever!

The photos pretty much say it all, and there isn’t much to say about this annual Gardner Family vacation that I haven’t said before—we have the same menu, follow the same basic schedule, do pretty much the same things. But this year was the best yet for several reasons.

First, location, location, location! We had the best beach we’ve ever had. . . long and flat, with plenty of room for the kids to play. That’s huge!

The weather was the best ever. There were a few record days while we were there, and there was hardly any wind! Woo hoo! (It’s always stressful when there’s wind. . .)

All the kids got up on the water in some way, either a wakeboard or kneeboard or bum buster. . . . loved watching them! The water was perfect, not too chilly, just the right temp to give you a break from the heat.

The one downer was that we did miss Shanna and Jared and Liam and Abigail. Liam is still on oxygen, and I know there really wasn’t any way they could have made it, but we thought of them often and are hoping they can make it next time.

Most of the family were on Powell for a week; I only got five days because I was in Australia for our South Pacific convention. I know we all wanted to stay longer. . .it was so hard to get off the lake!


One interesting story. . . on our way to the dock to turn in the boat, the ranger pulled us over and boarded the boat. When he came on board he looked at us (it was just Sterling, me, Shalae, and the Brown kids—everyone else had already left) and then said, “I was obviously misinformed.”

Turns out he’d received a report of some lewd behavior on a boat that matched the description of ours. We laughed, and I was glad that he could tell just be looking at us that we were a pretty not-lewd group.

We're definitely already looking forward to our next Powell trip--this one will be a hard act to follow. Can’t wait . . . but I guess I’ll have to!

And now Sterling and I are off to Vienna for our European incentive trip. I’m certainly well rested and am looking forward to the chance to spend some great time with our European leaders! I’ll let you know how that goes when I come back.