Our Strawberry Ride

Sterling went on an endurance ride this weekend, and I went along. Those who know us know that I don’t ride, but I’m a great cheerleader, and I love to take long hikes while he takes long rides!

We left on Thursday—he actually left in the morning and I followed him in the afternoon (wanted to attend a few meetings during the day). We got up there (near Strawberry Reservoir), set up camp and settled in, and the first ride was Friday.

Sterling rode with two of his riding buddies (the other two didn't ride this ride with him), and they started out last of the pack—and came in first! That was kind of cool! You could tell when they arrived back they were on a high. . . everything had clicked and they couldn’t stop talking about what a great ride it had been.

Today both riders and horses were a little tired, but they still had a great time. Didn’t come in first, but that’s not the reason Sterling rides anyway. 

While they ride, I love to hike. I took a long, two-and-a-half-hour hike both days, just loving every minute of the calm, serene surroundings. It’s the perfect time to think! There were hundreds of butterflies and gorgeous spots of wildflowers both days.

Friday my phone, which I use both as a camera and to take notes, was dead, so I missed out on capturing both my thoughts and any photos, but I charged it overnight, so this morning I was prepared. I took notes during the whole hike, but was halfway down the mountain before I realized I hadn’t taken a single photo! Silly me. . . the two best views were long past, but I managed a few photos of the surroundings.

It was a wonderful ride—close to home, terrific friends, two days. . . all the elements of a perfect little getaway!