More Excited than Ever!

We had our convention prebrief meeting this morning, and all I can say is that I’m even more excited for convention than I was before—and I didn’t think that was possible!

We looked at visuals of the stage, the photo-op area, and the Gathering Place. We talked about all the great things we have planned for our demonstrators, the great classes and Make & Takes, the Memento Mall and product displays. . . the list of fun things goes on and on! As always, I was amazed by the amount of planning and effort that goes into our events, and felt an overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who are doing all of this for our demonstrators.

They invited me to share my feelings at the end of the meeting, which I’m always happy to do. I thanked them all for being there, told them how great I knew convention was going to be, and then I asked them why they thought we kept having convention here in Salt Lake City. I get asked that every year, you know. Other places may be less expensive to fly into, they may offer more things to do during free time. . . there are lots of reasons that people mention for having convention at a different place.

But as I looked around at that roomful of people and listened to the many reasons they thought we stayed right here in Salt Lake (there were lots of them, and they were all valid), I was struck again by the main reason I choose to continue having convention in Utah—there’s no other way for our demonstrators to meet the many employees who devote their entire working lives to making Stampin’ Up! the best place to be.

Our demonstrators can feel our genuine love and concern for them the minute they walk in the convention door. They are greeted with smiles and hugs, they meet people they’ve only talked with on the phone, they share an incredible feeling of enthusiasm and passion for the one thing we all have in common—Stampin’ Up!

You can’t find that anywhere but right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. And we’ll all be feeling it next week.

I can’t wait!