Vegging and Visiting

I’m typing this as part of a Gardner family caravan, as we’re heading to our summer family reunion.  We didn’t originally plan on caravanning; we were all leaving today, but we had different times in mind. However, in true Gardner family fashion, we all left later than planned and found ourselves coincidentally hitting the freeway within five minutes of each other, so we’re caravanning!

Most of our girls will be there, and all my siblings are coming, along with most of their children, plus other extended family.  Usually I bring a craft for everyone to do, but I’ve been in solid meetings all week and haven’t completely recovered from convention, so something had to give. That something was a craft; I think we’ll live. (Although Sara did bring her computer and offered to show everyone how to use My Digital Studio. . . )

To be honest, I’m looking forward to a whole weekend of vegging and visiting!