A Heavenly Glorious Weekend

Not much to say about our wonderful weekend family reunion other than it went exactly like I planned—lots of vegging and visiting!

On Friday I hardly moved from my chair! In fact, my biggest regret of the whole weekend was that I didn’t pull out my camera at all on Friday, so I missed out on getting pictures of a handful of people who were only able to come that day. Bummer!

However, you’ll see that once I pulled out the camera, I managed to get plenty of pictures. I did want to get at least one photo of everyone who came, so hopefully you’ll have fun scrolling down and seeing how happy everyone looks!

There were more than 70 of us, and we filled 14 camping spots. We’d reserved the spots a year ago, and we had one entire section of the campground all to ourselves; it was fun and cozy.

In addition to a lot of chatting, I read a couple of magazines, went to church on Sunday (our whole family doubled the size of the small local congregation), and got at least eight hours of sleep three nights in a row (that was heavenly glorious)! I didn’t take a single hike (very unusual for me) and didn’t pull out a single project that I’d brought.

And I loved every minute of it! I really haven’t slowed down for a long time, and the entire weekend was completely therapeutic for me.  Surrounded by nature and family. . . it just doesn’t get better than that!