A Miracle in Alpine


Two days ago, this was the view from my front porch—a fire burning in the mountains just a couple of miles from our home.

Parts of Alpine were evacuated, and incredible firefighters were on the scene in minutes, but Utah is in the middle of a dry patch (more than 80 days with no measurable precipitation), so the fire burned steadily through the night and into the day yesterday. We watched it creep up one peak and down into a valley and up onto the next peak. . . away from our home, so we weren’t worried for our safety, but so concerned for our neighbors and friends. And knowing that with a shift in the weather and wind, it could be us evacuating just as easily.

We’ve been praying for rain even before the fire started, but I have to admit, our prayers have taken on new meaning since Tuesday. And we’ve heard from concerned friends and family from around the country, telling us they were praying as well. But after looking at the weather forecast (small chance of rain), I really didn’t expect much. . . .

You all know I’m a sunshine girl, but when I woke up this morning to little “spits” of rain, I felt such gratitude. And when those spits became a soft but steady rain that lasted for hours, I was overcome. Tears have come to my eyes several times today, and I had to acknowledge an answer to prayers and a miracle in Alpine.

The sun is supposed to return tomorrow, along with the heat. And our Alpine fire isn’t completely contained, but amazing progress has been made today, and hopefully a fire that could have lasted for days and had disastrous consequences will be out very soon.

Thank you, all, for your thoughts and prayers, and know that—even when our answers aren’t as swift or recognizable as our Alpine rain today—there is a loving God watching over us.