Our Cabo Tradition

We’re all about tradition in the Gardner family, and we love to start new ones! Last year we took a Gardner grown-ups only trip to Cabo, and we had so much fun that before we even landed on our return flight, we’d decided we were definitely going to do it again! So we did!

We decided to go after convention (so we could truly relax) but before school started, so the parents of schoolchildren didn’t have to be worrying about that. We spent an entire week doing practically nothing. .. well, that’s not exactly true. We’re all committed to living healthier and being fit, so most of us worked out every morning. And a few of us spent a few hours every day working. Some of the kids went snorkeling, and there were walks along the beach and laying out on the deck and terribly strenuous things like that. . .

Cabo isn’t a really gorgeous place (hope I’m not offending any Cabo lovers when I say that), and Sterling mentioned that that’s probably a good thing. If there were a lot of places to go and things to see, we’d feel like we had to get out more, but as it is, we’re all very content to stay close to home base.

In the evenings, we had an early dinner then watched a movie together, and then called it a day. I think most of us got at least eight hours of sleep every single night. . . .glorious!

It really was an absolutely fabulous week. A few of us struggled with a pesky tummy bug, which put a little bit of a damper on the trip. And Shanna and Jared didn’t come because of the twins—that was definitely the biggest bummer of the whole week. But Shanna sent video and photos every day, so I got my daily twin fix, and we promised them we wouldn’t have too much fun without them.

As I look back over the past couple of weeks, I realize that I’ve taken quite a bit of time off. Camping and the family reunion. Our week in Cabo. I grew up with a father that taught us to work hard—and then play hard when we could. I’m looking at my calendar in the coming weeks, and there’s plenty of work scheduled, so I don’t feel too guilty about playing hard!


I can’t believe that summer is almost over, and Cabo with the Gardner grown-ups was definitely a wonderful way to start winding it up!