Our First Fall Regional

We had our first fall regional this weekend—in Hamilton, Ontario. More than 350 demonstrators and guests attended, and I was so happy to be able to be there. Every fall we evaluate our regionals and make changes and adjustments to make them even better. I felt we did a great job of that this year; by the end of the day when it was time for me to wrap things up, I couldn’t believe the day was over. I hadn’t been bored for a second and had enjoyed the entire day.

I know I say this about every regional, but I mean it! The mix of business information, stamping presentations, and Make & Takes was just right; our demonstrator training and events teams definitely put on a fabulous event!

I especially enjoyed the booking presentation and challenge; we took a break during that presentation and everyone was challenged to contact someone (either by phone, text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, whatever) and book an event. We had more than 300 events scheduled in a 10-minute period. And guess what? I accepted the challenge, and two of those events are mine. I’m sure I’ll be sharing how they go with you!

I always show a project, and this regional I shared the tag that I attached to the goody bags I gave out to the magazine editors I met with last Friday. The projects I shared with them were, by design, very simple; they’d asked for fun, easy, quick ideas. So I told the concept artist who made the tag that I wanted an over-the-top tag that showed more elaborate crafting. Boy did she deliver! The tag is simply gorgeous, and I’m considering making it for some of my holiday gifts this year. It’s time consuming, with lots of layers, but it’s not hard, and I think it would look perfect hanging from a doorknob or somewhere else in the house as a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is all about.

I was especially happy that I made it to Hamilton since I won’t be at this weekend’s regional in Rhode Island. I had planned to attend, but my grandmother passed away on Sunday, and her funeral is on Saturday. I will miss our Rhode Island demonstrators, but am looking forward to celebrating my grandmother’s well-lived life with family and loved ones.