Celebrating Grandma Baker

I mentioned earlier that my grandma, JoAnne Baker (Mom Pat’s mom) passed away last Sunday. We had her service today, and it’s been a delightful day as we’ve joined with family and friends to celebrate a great woman and remember her wonderful life.

Grandma wanted a simple, sweet graveside service, and since she was being buried in Ivins, Utah (in Southern Utah), it was warm! Knowing that, they scheduled the service for 9 this morning, so we were up bright and early (well, it wasn’t very bright—the sun wasn’t up yet) so we could drive down. We arrived in plenty of time and enjoyed the service. My mom and her two siblings spoke, and several grandchildren performed musical numbers. Grandma was ready to go home for a long time, and she had planned her services awhile ago. I think things went pretty well according to her plan.

After the service, we went to a family luncheon at a local church and continued to remember Grandma. We sat around and anyone who wanted to could share their favorite memory of her; that was especially enjoyable. We laughed a lot, teared up a few times, and ended the gathering with the great and great-great grandchildren doing the Hokey Pokey, one of Grandma’s favorite dances.

Now we’re home, and like I said, it’s been delightful . . . a wonderful way to spend the day.