Day 5: Art for Art's Sake

Most of the time when I create something, it’s with a purpose in mind—I’m creating a card to send, a gift to give, a project to demonstrate. I can’t remember the last time I created something simply for the sake of creating.

That’s what makes this creative journal so absolutely enjoyable!

These altered books are not new, but they are increasingly popular, and I get why! I loved working on this for convention. . . each spread sparked ideas for more spreads, and there were no rules! When I make albums, the spreads need to coordinate; not so for this book. Some spreads I threw together in mere minutes, others took quite a while. . . some were simple, others more elaborate. Each spread is a separate project, a new opportunity to express myself and explore my creativity.

How fun is that?

This journal is an old green book that’s been “altered.” I can’t really explain what I did on the cover to create this soft, distressed look; you had to see it. If you were at convention, you did. And if you weren’t, I’m still hoping it’s an inspiration. What really matters on your creative journal project is setting the stage for what the book will become.

Oh, and having lots of fun doing it!