Day 7: Convention Creativity

I created this spread at convention. . . got the idea from the convention workbook, which was designed to be a bit of a creative journal itself. There were pop-out embellishments included in the workbook and lots of open space for drawing, writing, doodling. . . you name it.

I stole the convention theme (I am. . . ) for the page title, cut up my workbook, and added the pop-outs. It seriously only took a few minutes!

And the funny thing?

The first thing I notice about this page when I look at it is the word picky. I had painted the page so I could write on it, and the first word I wrote was picky. And guess what? The ink didn’t stick to the paint, and my pickiness won out.

I had to change pens, re-write the word with the new pen (so it ends up being darker than all the other words), and then finish the page. So now the one thing I don’t like about this spread is the word picky.

Oh, the irony. . .