Doing It All--This Time

We had a fun regional in Denver this weekend . . . one of our larger regionals (more than 500 attendees), with more than 100 guests. All of our staff commented on how great it was to do a regional on this side of the “world”; the flight was only an hour! We love doing regionals and gathering with our demonstrators anywhere, but it is kind of nice when it’s a “hop, skip, and a jump” away.

The weather in Denver was gorgeous, not too hot and not too cold, just right. (Do I sound like Goldilocks?) Of course, we weren’t outside much, but I enjoyed walking from the hotel to the event site. Saturday morning on the walk over, I mentioned to a couple of staff members that I was sad that I would be missing Sidney’s and Tanner’s birthday party that night. Sara and Megan had planned a fun carnival-themed party, with dozens of friends, and Sidney had said earlier in the week that she wished I could come. I was pleased that she wanted me there; after all, what 14-year-old wants her grandma at her birthday party? But I had committed—and wanted—to be with our demonstrators too, so I hadn’t really considered any other options.

Well, by noon our staff had checked the flights and rearranged the afternoon show flow so that I could leave the regional a bit early, fly home, and be there for most of the party! And when I told the demonstrators I would be ducking out a little early and mentioned why, they were all very supportive too! What great people I work with, right?

I didn’t miss out on much at the regional—I still got to choose the contest winner, watch most of the stamping presentations, hug lots of demonstrators and guests, and enjoy the fun regional atmosphere. And, of course, I got to do my own stamping project.

This is our Halloween favor for our grandchildren—yes, believe it or not, it’s not even October yet, and we’ve got all the favors done for the kids! We’re heading into my favorite time of year (the holidays), and I enjoyed sharing this Halloween project. It's made with the Petite Pocket die, one with googley eyes, one without. Pretty sure the kids will want the ones with, don't you think?

I think Sara is going to guest blog about the party later this week, so I won’t go into detail about it here, but I did love that I could do both the regional and the birthday party. I’m an “and” girl and love doing it all when I can. I know that’s not always an option, but it was nice that this time it was.