A Fabulous Founder's

I say this every year, and I keep thinking that I won’t be able to say it next year, but then I do—Founder’s Circle this year was even better than last! At some point, you’d think our events team would not be able to outdo themselves, but I have yet to see it—they really do get better and better!

Our Founder’s Circle theme this year was kind of New England Beach—and everything, from door hangers to table décor to the Gathering Place to pillow gifts had that classy nautical  beach look and feel. Treats ranged from sweet (candy and ice cream) to healthy (veggies and dip, fruit, cheese and crackers) . . . it was nice to have some healthy choices this year.

Founder’s Circle is all about indulgence, and this year we did it up right! Everything was designed to pamper and spoil our demonstrators, and I think they felt that. We’ve gone to the same hotel now for several years; we have the whole place to ourselves. Some of the staff remember the demonstrators’ names by now, and our demonstrators feel like they’re “coming home” when they earn Founder’s Circle. I talked to dozens of demonstrators and asked them if they minded being at the same place, and to a person, every single one of them said they loved it. So do I!

Another thing that was really nice this year was the feeling of unity and camaraderie. There was a great spirit of community and inclusiveness that I enjoyed, and I think everyone else did too! Sara and I try very hard to chat with every demonstrator, and while we may not have been able to visit with everyone as much as we’d like, I think we did manage to spend a few minutes with everyone

We had lots of free time for demonstrators to sleep in, lounge around the pool, shop, or just sit around the Gathering Place, chatting and stamping. We didn’t have many planned activities, but what we did have planned was fabulous. The Business Share was great (a new format, very interesting and informative!), and the Make & Takes this year were amazing; every demonstrator left with a complete 20-page scrapbook, including the album! Friday was the main event—we drove to Kanab, toured our manufacturing facility there (the demonstrators got to see a sneak peek at some of the new things we’re doing there), had lunch with our Kanab employees (a first!), then headed for a three-hour float down the river to enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery you can find anywhere. It was an awesome day!

I do have to admit, Founder’s Circle is definitely one of my favorite events, maybe even my favorite. Love the place. . . southern Utah is my home. Love the people, and love the opportunity to just spoil them! So all in all, it was one outstanding retreat—and since our events team keeps outdoing themselves, I can’t wait to see what we’ve got in store next year!