It's About Time

Once again, I’ve let it go way too long between answering some of the questions you’ve asked. As I reviewed the questions, some were no longer relevant; I hate when that happens. I will try to get to your questions in a more timely fashion, ok?

As those of you know who have read my Q&A before, I don’t respond to the following types of questions:

  • Product ideas. I value and appreciate your suggestions and will pass them on to our product development teams.
  • Questions about how to get Stampin’ Up! products in countries where we don’t operate: I love that you love our products! However, by law we are unable to mail product to countries where we don’t operate. Hopefully we’ll be in your country soon. . . or at least someday!
  • Instructions for projects that I show. I’m sorry about this one, but I decided when I first started my blog that if I had to provide instructions for what I showed, I would end up never showing projects.  And I didn’t want to do that! So while occasionally I’ll share a tip or insight about a project, I don’t go into great detail.
  • Problems with demonstrators, uplines, the way we do business, misunderstandings, etc. It makes me sad when I hear about problems that we sometimes have with each other; however, I also understand that that’s part of life. Relationships are both rewarding and challenging! While the vast majority of the interaction we have at Stampin’ Up! is extremely positive and supportive, there are occasional exceptions, and if your question/problem is one that we need to get involved in, please call our Demonstrator Support at 1-800-STAMP UP.

So let’s dig in!

Please post the recipe for the seasoned salt please? (This is one of the gift jars that Sara posted on her guest blog.)

Here you go!

Homemade Seasoned Salt

1/2 c. Kosher salt
2 t. Paprika
1 t. Onion powder
1 T. Pepper
2 t. Garlic powder
1 t. Ground red pepper (I used red pepper flakes - cause that was all I had)

Mix all ingredients together. Makes ½ pint jar.

Are you going to show all your altered book pages?

That’s the plan. . . . if I remember! (smile) I’m leaving myself an out, but I really do plan on sharing the pages as I finish them. So keep your eyes open but don’t hold your breath! How’s that?

What book did you use as the base for your altered book?

It was just an old antique green book I had. You can use any book you want though; you can find inexpensive books at book sales and old bookstores. I like the look and feel of older books because I’m an antiques lover, although the pages have to be sturdy enough to be handled and looked through, so you wouldn’t want a book that is too fragile.

What paint did you use to paint your book?

I used a white acrylic primer paint called Gesso; you can get it at most craft or hobby stores. I painted the outside of the book with the primer first, which gave it a smoother texture, then I used our own Stampin’ Up! inks and played with different colors to finish it off. I also used the Gesso to paint the pages inside.

Can you do something about how much we have to pay for shipping and handling?

I understand this question; we actually get it fairly often. I think that’s mostly because you can find a lot of “Free shipping” options online. However, in truth, I promise you you’re never getting free shipping. Nothing is free, and the companies who are offering free shipping have tucked their shipping costs in somewhere else, usually in the price of their product. I feel like it’s more honest to be upfront about where our costs are and what you are paying, so we’ve opted to keep the costs separate. We also evaluate and analyze shipping and handling costs on a consistent basis to make sure that what we’re charging is reasonable.

Can I buy the old style ¼-inch grosgrain ribbon (or any retired product for that matter)?

Not from us. (smile) We have to rotate our product fairly frequently so we can keep our commitment to you to offer fresh, fun, timely products. Because we have a finite number of products that we can sell at any given time, that means we do have to retire some products.

Where did you purchase the frame (white from convention project)?

It was just an old frame sitting around the house; I can’t even remember where I got it. Sorry!

Do all of your family member participate at Convention?

All of our married children attend convention, and they all help out wherever I need them. Several of our children are actual Stampin’ Up! employees, and they work in Memento Mall and on convention displays and wherever they’re assigned; those who aren’t given assigned jobs are always willing to do whatever is needed.

What does an Artisan team member do?

Our Artisan team members receive a shopping free, recognition in our publications and online, and for the first time this year, they will be part of an Artisan Design Team. That means that every month they’ll receive Stampin’ Up! product and will be asked to create several projects each month using those products. Then we’ll spotlight their projects in a variety of different ways. I’m excited to see what these team members create to share with us!

Who painted the grandchildren’s faces during the Fourth of July celebration?

I have no idea; it was an activity planned by the community, so I don’t know who it was.

You mentioned that sometimes you record your thoughts while you walk. What app do you use on your phone?

I did say record, didn’t I? But what I should have said is jot down. I just use the Notes section on my phone. I don’t actually use an audio recording. . .

How did you make it look like you and your family were the only ones there at Lake Powell?

We felt like we were! We were tucked back in a cove, and although we could see two other groups across the cove, we really did feel like we were alone. That’s what I love about Lake Powell—the lake is large enough that if you’re patient, you can usually find a private little area to set up.

What kind of camera did you use at Lake Powell?

Most of the photos were taken by Sean and Jon, who both have higher-end cameras. Jon is a professional photographer, so his livelihood depends on his equipment, and Sean is passionate about photography; it’s one of his favorite hobbies. So his camera is pretty nice too! I personally took photos with my iPhone, but I’m not sure if any of those made it in the blog.

Do you have tours of your Riverton facility?

Not officially. If you’re in town on vacation or traveling through town and call ahead, we try to do what we can to accommodate a quick look at the facility. There’s a Legacy Room and a few other spots you can visit. It doesn’t compare to the tours that we give during convention, but it’s a good overview. We aren’t always able to do that, but we try when we can.

I’m having a hard time reading the font size/type on your blog. Would you consider changing it?

It is about time for me to update the blog, and I’ve noticed this comment from a few of you. We’ll definitely make a change that will hopefully help.

I keep seeing Sara style her hair with a big piece from the back “swooped” forward. I think I’ve seen you style your hair that way before too. Is this a new trend? How do you do it?

We call this a “faux hawk,” and I think most of us have done it a few times, depending on the stage that our haircut is in. It’s just a change of pace and what we do when we want to “funk it up” a bit. Product is the key—and essential. There’s no particular way to do it; you just play around a bit and then use good product.

The pages on your vintage album are absolutely gorgeous. What size are they; I can’t tell if they are 6x6 or 8x8?

Thank you for the kind words; they are 8x8. That’s pretty much the way I’m doing most of my pages these days because we have albums in that size.

Will you do the Gardner Garden again?

We actually did this year, and we’ve had a bumper crop of tomatoes! They’ve been awesome. We’ve also got some nice peppers, squash, parsley, and pumpkins. We weren’t as good at tending the garden this year (watering, weeding, etc.), so it wasn’t quite as bountiful as last year, but it’s still been a great project, and I think we’ll probably do it every year.

Why can’t we order stamp sets in other languages? I know we have them because you have offices in Germany and France.

Starting this year, you can! There are several sets in our new annual catalog that are available in all our languages: Spanish, French, and German.

I’m curious about how Shalae structures her classes?

We know there are different ways to do classes, of course, and she may switch her process up a bit as we move forward. But for now it’s very simple and easy: she creates a project, then posts in on her online blog as well as sends it out in an e-mail to people who have requested it. She does charge a fee, usually the cost of the product. She asks people to RSVP, but she also always has an extra kit or two on hand for those last-minute guests who forgot to RSVP or who call to see if they can bring a friend. We definitely don’t want to say “no” to that! She doesn’t require an order, although she definitely welcomes them!

When I went to the regional last year, I received a pin. This year, there were no pins. Why not? I wanted to start a collection!

Every regional year is different; we want to keep the regional fresh, exciting, and fun, so we try new things. The pins were great, but just not part of this year’s regional plan.

Where did Stampin’ Up! get the boxes/trays that were on the Make & Take tables during leadership?

First of all, I’m embarrassed that I’m answering a question about Leadership in September! Yikes! As I mentioned, I’ll be working on that! We got those boxes quite awhile ago and have used them at several events. I can’t remember where we got them, and even if I could, I imagine they aren’t even available anymore. Sorry. . .