A Grand Time

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog much (at all) last week . . . or maybe you didn’t notice. (smile) I spent most of the week camping with Sterling and some of our friends near the Grand Canyon. They went on one of their rides, and I tagged along.

What a wonderful week it was! We camped in a meadow on a plateau, and it was breathtaking; everything was gorgeous. I talked to one person who said that a month ago it was dry and brown, but we timed it just right. There had been several rainstorms, and while we were there it rained every afternoon as well, so everything was green and beautiful!

Sterling and our friends rode during the day while I drove to the North Rim so I could get cell service and work, and then went on short hikes. It wasn’t ideal, of course; no one likes to be tethered to the phone and Internet. But there is so much going on right now that I could either do that every day or choose not to go—and I’m grateful I had that option.

On Friday, I actually drove a little bit farther and went to Kanab and spent some time visiting with our employees and had lunch with family. (Actually, I had TWO lunches—an early lunch with Grandpa Paul and a later lunch with my sisters and aunts. . . love catching up with them.)

At nights, we took walks around the meadow; the moon was full (a blue moon) or almost full every night, so we didn’t even need flashlights. It was amazing! 

Sterling and our friends did a 50-mile ride on Wednesday and shorter “joy rides” (8 to 20 miles) on Thursday and Friday, riding along the rim of the canyon. On Saturday, most of them went on another joy ride, but Sterling and one of our good friends Mindy chose to go on a hike with me.

I’d noticed a trail earlier in the week that I wanted to take, a little bit longer hike than the ones I’d taken, but since it was a Saturday and I didn’t need to spend as much time working, we decided to do it. We went five miles down (steep trails down with LOTS of switchbacks) and five miles up (steep trails up with LOTS of switchbacks), and it was pretty hard! Sterling kept saying, “This is why I ride horses, so THEY have to do the work.”

But he was a good sport, and while I’m not sure I can persuade him to hike with me again real soon, I think he’s glad he went—the views in the canyon were incredible.

That was the longest camping trip we’ve been on for awhile, usually we’re only gone two or three days at the most. It was a nice break, the perfect way to head into fall!