A Rare Political Moment

While I am a firm believer in political involvement (people have fought for our right to vote, and it’s a freedom we should value and use), I don’t often get involved in politics in a public forum. I have firm political ideals and beliefs, I just usually share them privately.

That said, we did have a rare treat this week—Mia Love, a Utah politician running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, visited our home office. Last week, Mia spoke at the Republican National Convention, and I was impressed with her speech. She’s articulate and passionate and genuine, and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet her in person.

We chatted for a few minutes, and it was fun to connect with her on a few different levels. First of all, she said both she and her three children use our product—how could I not like her after that? (smile)  Her husband even surprised her last year with a craft room!

 Then we started talking about how she works hard to balance the demands of being a wife and mother with the demands of being a politician, something she believes strongly in and thinks can make a difference.

I certainly connected with her on that level as well. I remember so well during the early years of Stampin’ Up! feeling that I was really doing a good thing and believing we could make a difference, yet feeling pulled in so many different directions. It was a difficult time, and certainly something I was only able to do with the support of Sterling and the girls.

Mia feels just as strongly about what she’s doing, and I was impressed. I am one of those people who believs that one person can make a difference. . . even in Washington. If she can be true to herself and maintain her perspective and convictions, I believe she can do hard things and make a difference.

So there’s my rare moment of political commentary. . . we’re surrounded by it, right now, aren’t we? While I don’t always like the tone politics takes on, I am truly grateful to live in a country where we enjoy the freedoms we have.