A Great Morning on Good Things Utah

I spent a few minutes on “Good Things Utah” this morning, one of our local morning TV shows. I mentioned in an earlier blog that we were scheduled to appear right before Christmas, but we were rescheduled for today.

I used to appear on the show fairly frequently, but it’s been a LONG time, and I have to admit I was nervous enough this morning that I had a hard time eating breakfast! The minute I walked into the studio, though, I felt better—a few familiar faces greeted me and the new hosts were equally friendly.

The focus of today’s segment was Valentine’s projects, which I LOVE! Of course, expressing our feelings for those we care about all the time is ideal, but having one day that focuses on sharing love is definitely a great idea!

I walked in with a smallish box, and Rox, the producer who I knew from previous appearances, was so surprised—usually I walk in with huge boxes and large projects. These Valentine projects, which were all created with product in our two Valentine’s promotions, are so incredibly easy and VERY affordable. . . .and they fit in a small box! I loved walking in without struggling under a load!

The hosts I appeared with on air—Brianne and Gretchen—were wonderful to work with! They asked all the right questions, raved about the price, and commented that the projects looked easy enough that even they could do them! (Which is, of course, exactly what Stampin’ Up! is about, helping people discover that creativity is for everyone! Plus, I suspect that both of them are more creative than they admitted to being.) Check it out here. . . .

It was definitely fun to be back at Good Things Utah, and maybe I’ll be showing up there more often! They hinted at inviting me back, and maybe next time, I’ll even be able to enjoy my breakfast!