The Best Birthday Present of All

Wrapping up a birthday that was one of my most memorable, given the events of past few weeks. It’s been a happy day with lots of texts, phone calls, and visits from family and dear friends, wishing me a happy birthday. Each time I received one, it made me smile.

Plus Sterling announced this morning that we were going out tonight for a family dinner, and going out is a treat these days as well. . . although it takes a little work and effort, it’s well worth it!

And we ended the day with most of the family (minus the twins and the Douglass family, who are out of town) at the Harvest Restaurant, one of my favorite places to eat. It’s peaceful and quiet. . . well as quiet as it can be with 19 Gardners gathered together to celebrate.

And while all that was wonderful, the best birthday present of all came this afternoon when my PT (physical therapist) announced that I could start putting weight on my right leg. That means I can start learning to walk again with my walker. HUGE. . . so excited!

And now I’m going to fall into bed. . . it’s been a fabulous, full day!