Our Halloween Tree

At Brick Canvas we have a tree in the lobby, and people are always asking the guest specialists why we have our Christmas tree up year round. What they don’t understand it it’s not a Christmas tree, it’s a holiday tree! I love holiday décor and love the festive flair that the tree provides when people walk in the building. Hence the tree. . .

Here’s what the holiday tree looks like for Halloween. It’s pretty simple; I’m sure we’ll add more decorations in coming years. In particular, I wanted to show off two of the hand-stamped projects from the tree—our garland (you can see how quick and easy it is to make!) and our skull tree topper.

Typically I’m not a fan of skulls and skeletons, but it’s hard to resist anything covered in glitter! Even a skull. We added Designer Series Paper hat and bow, plus a few fun accents, and even a scary skull starts to look adorable.

Happy Halloween!