Gardner Girls Gathering 2013

I’m not sure when the last Gardner Girls Gathering was. . . we were trying to remember, and I think it’s been at least a couple of years, maybe longer. We were definitely due—so this weekend the Gardner Girls gathered!

Of course, we knew heading into it that it would be pretty low key, not a lot of going or doing for me. The girls were all on board, and this was definitely our most relaxed Gardner Girls Gathering. A few of us headed up earlier to the cabin on Thursday, stopping to have dinner and get groceries, and everyone else arrived later that evening, around 9 or so. The late start didn’t stop us from having fun. . . we stayed up until the wee hours visiting. I was the first one to check out, heading to bed around 1 in the morning.

I’m not sure what time the girls called it a night, but late enough that we all got a fairly late start on Friday morning. Which was perfectly fine because that’s what this Gardner Girls Gathering was all about. . . no agenda, everyone doing whatever they feel like doing and just hanging out together.

Friday we spent the entire day in our jammies. Everyone got up at different times, and we had a late breakfast, late enough that you could probably call it lunch. (smile) Yummy French toast with to-die-for syrup, berries, and whipped cream. We all had our books to read and projects to work on, so most of the day was spent in the living room. Because everyone had their own space, they could take a cat nap if they wanted to (I was a good girl and took one) or enjoy a little peace and quiet, but we spent most of the day together.

Friday night we ordered Café Rio to go, and after dinner, we did online personality profiles. We ended up profiling our husbands too. It was fascinating, pretty accurate, and lots of fun. Once again, I was the first to call it a night (about 2 a.m.!). . . not sure when the girls followed me.

Saturday morning was another late morning, with another noon (or later) breakfast. We did get dressed on Saturday, because we had places to go and things to do. Well, actually just one place to go and just one thing to do.

We headed to Sage Leaf Spa at Brick Canvas for massages—I can’t have a massage, so I enjoyed a facial. After that, we had dinner at a Gardner family favorite (Tsunami) and ended the evening with a movie at the house. It was a wonderful weekend, and I definitely hope we don’t have to wait another few years for our next Gardner Girls Gathering.

I did want to share the pillow gifts—I know, I know, silly me wanting to do pillow gifts at something like this. But I’ve tried to always have gifts for the girls, and this year was no different, even though my capacity was a little diminished. I called a dear friend, who helped me out with the packaging—an adorable detachable magnet tag that reminds the girls how very much I appreciate all they’ve done for me the past few weeks, along with a hand-stamped CD holder. I asked Shanna (I know, she had to help out with her own gift!) to burn a CD of some of my favorite inspirational songs and then pick up some Amazon gift cards, because I know all the girls love to read and they all have e-readers of some sort.

As I mentioned, the entire weekend was pretty simple and low key, as was the gift. But that’s kind of how I roll these days. I’ve learned a lot from this accident (I keep promising to post some of those life lessons, and they’re coming), and I’m sure I’ll learn much more. And trying to keep life simple tops the list. . .