A Stampin' Up! Halloween

Note: Halloween is always a fun time at Stampin’ Up!, and I was sorry to miss it this year, but I asked Sara to tell us about it!

Happy Halloween!

It was fun to come in to the office today. . . music was playing, people were hanging out, a lot of people were dressed up, and we were having fun.

You all know we have a lot of creative people working at Stampin’ Up!, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for many of them to express that creativity. I love to see the original and unique ideas that people come up with!

We have a costume contest every year—even have a walkway for everyone to strut their stuff. Some years, we have entire departments that dress up in group costumes; this year we didn’t have as much of that, although our HR team did do the Duck Dynasty thing.

Another highlight for me is seeing the kids that come in to trick or treat. A lot of the employees bring in their young children or grandchildren to trick or treat around the office; plenty of employees have candy stashes set aside for these cute kids.

This year we also had a Halloween breakfast. . . bagels, juice, yogurt, and fruit. Pretty healthy, which was good considering all of the candy floating around.

I left a little early, because like many other moms out there, I was helping out with a classroom Halloween party. . . when you’re a mother, it’s just one thing after another on Halloween, right? But it was fun while it lasted! I hope you had a fun day as well!