General Conference Weekend

Just wrapped up one of my favorite weekends of the year—LDS Semiannual General Conference. Members of my church spend the weekend listening to Church leaders speak to us during five different two-hour meetings that are broadcast over the Internet, as well as on numerous TV stations. Some people call it pajama church, because we get to listen at home, in our living rooms, dressed however we want. No wonder I like it, right?

We headed to the cabin for the weekend, and the drive was gorgeous! These photos don’t do the scenery justice at all—it was breathtaking.

It was especially interesting because it had snowed the night before, so for the first time ever, I saw stunning fall colors (red, oranges, greens, and browns) juxtaposed with amazing winter colors (pine trees laced with snow and ice)—absolutely incredible! We drove through the canyon with our windows down and just enjoyed the clean, crisp fall air.

And that was only the beginning of a great weekend.

I was inspired by the many talks. . .several stood out for me. I should have written down one line from each of the talks that were most memorable, but I didn’t. . . I’ll try to remember to do that next time.  One of our leaders listed all the things the Church asks us to do, and then asked, “Why would anyone join this Church?” Then he talked about the importance of a church asking its members to do more than just listen. . . to also do and serve. Another leader talked about the reality of emotional illness, especially depression. Still another talked about enduring and running patiently the race set before us. There were talks on missionary work and tithing and faith and God’s law vs. man’s law. I could go on and on about what I learned. I loved listening, and will enjoy studying and reading the talks again in the months to come—they truly did inspire me to become a better person.

Another reason the weekend was so great was because the Hoops and Browns joined us. We enjoyed some fun snuggling time with grandchildren and lots of peaceful introspection as well. In between conference sessions we did puzzles, enjoyed great company, and just loved being away from the house after being cooped up for several weeks.

Which leads me to a quick health update.

Many of you have asked how I’m doing—I’m doing great! I can go to the bathroom by myself and sit on a regular toilet. . . is that too much information? Hope not—it’s pretty huge for me! I am off prescription painkillers, only needing Tylenol; I can get out of bed by myself; I haven’t used my blue thing-a-ma-jig in over a week; I got a shorter splint on my wrist that gives me a little more movement (still can’t fix my hair by myself, but it’s coming). . . and the list goes on and on.

I continue to receive cards (thank you) and visitors and well wishes. I am finally feeling like I can maybe sit in on a conference call or two, although I’m probably still a few weeks away from making it to the office for the first time. I’d like to make it to a meeting, but I just don’t think I’m quite ready. And one thing this whole experience is teaching me is patience, which hasn’t been one of my strengths. I’m learning. . . and along the way am feeling so very blessed and grateful for all that I have!