Meeting Our Rising Stars

Highlight of my day yesterday without a doubt—meeting our North America Rising Stars!

As part of the honor and recognition they receive for earning the Rising Star achievement, they come and spend a couple days at the home office, and last night I had dinner with them. What a treat! Sara picked me up at home, and we drove together and spent a delightful couple of hours with them.

I felt a bit badly because dinner went a little longer than planned and they still had another activity (it was definitely a full day for them!), but it was so fun to chat. We have five Rising Stars, and four made it on the trip, and I loved getting to know them better, feeling their enthusiasm, and listening to all they had to say. I can’t wait to see what they do with their businesses in the coming months and years—they’re amazing demonstrators!  (NOTE: I have a photo with them that I"m having trouble posting--I'll work out the technical difficulties and get it  up tomorrow, so check back to see their happy faces!)

It was a good way to end the day, because yesterday was not the best day. I smiled a little bit last week as I read your comments on my blog; so many of you cautioned me to not rush it. And guess what? I rushed it. Last week was big, and then the weekend. . . and yep, I paid the price yesterday. I’m walking and look normal, and it’s easy for people to think I’m back to normal. Even I think I’m back to normal. And then things happen and I remember, I’m not normal. (Whatever normal is, right?)

Anyway, today I took it a little easy, trying to recover from pushing myself a little too hard the past few days. It’s all good though, and tomorrow will be a new day!