An Emotional Day

This morning I went to a doctor's appointment where they did complete X-rays, and guess what? My bones are completely healed! I teared up when they told me; I feel so blessed!

Of course, in the same breath they told me that, they reminded me that it would still be six to eight months before I would be completely healed—I’ve still got lots of work to do! While the bones are healed, my muscles are weak, my range of motion is limited, my stamina is lacking. . . the list of things I need to work on is plenty long.

But I’m very happy and very grateful.

This news came at a time when I was already feeling rather emotional. This week is the European Convention, and I’m not there. . . and that makes me a little sad. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to go, I’ve kept it in my calendar. I want to think about it every day, picture what people are doing and what’s happening. Today everyone has landed, and they’re trying to stay awake (gotta love jet lag!). They’re setting up and getting organized and feeling excited. . .

While I’m sad I’m not there, I’m glad I’m not there too. I could never have done it. Long flight, long days, hours on my feet. . . there are days when even the thought of going into our Riverton office is overwhelming, so I know Europe is out of the question. But I’m getting better every day, and I hope our staff members and demonstrators in Europe know that I’m thinking of them. And I’m already looking forward to next year!