A Weekend of Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful weekend holiday of thanksgiving—I hope you did too!

This year was our year to gather together for Thanksgiving, so we all headed to the cabin. People came and went at different times all weekend long, but we were all together Thursday (along with some friends we invited who didn’t have any family living nearby).  

Thanksgiving was a relaxed, laidback day. Christmas music playing in the background, bustling in the kitchen, playing among the cousins. . . just a great day. We had a kids table and a grown-up table, plenty of great food, and then the highlight of the day (at least for me)—our thanksgiving circle, when we all gather in a circle and mention one thing we are grateful for. No repeats allowed! Even the younger grandchildren participated, and I loved that part of the day best. . .looking around at (almost) everyone I love gathered together in one room and feeling so blessed.

Of course, we were missing the Bridegans, so there was an empty spot—in the thanksgiving circle, as well as in our hearts. We were able to FaceTime with them, which was not as good as the real thing but certainly better than nothing!



The rest of the weekend was equally casual. There was constant activity in the stamp room—always at least a few grandchildren making Christmas ornaments or cards or drawing or doing something else fun and creative. The other big hit was weaving rubber band bracelets on a loom that Megan and Nate brought—almost everyone was wearing at least one or two handcrafted bracelets. . .some of the kids had even more than that. We left the loom out on a kitchen table, and I don’t think it was left alone very often.

Other than that, we watched a Christmas video, built tarp forts, read, chatted. . . a few of the kids went to a movie on Friday, and Sterling and I stamped Christmas tags for our neighborhood gifts. Basically we all just hung out and chilled. It was a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and family!