Riverton Holiday Celebration

We had our annual holiday celebration today at the home office—it’s always a holiday highlight for me.

This year things kicked off with a choir of schoolchildren from the elementary school across the street. They come caroling every year, but I’ve missed it the past several years, and I didn’t realize until this morning how much I enjoyed watching and listening to them. I teared up as I watched the cute kids singing with all their heart, happy and cheerful and innocent. . . a sweet way to start the day. And I knew they’d trudged through the storm (a storm they’re calling “historic” here) to sing for us, and it made it even more meaningful. . 

After that we gathered for our company update. As we walked in, we were greeted by live holiday music performed by an employee band. Loved that. . .We ended the meeting with our annual service awards, recognizing employees who have been with us five, ten, and fifteen years.

I’m always thrilled to see how many people have stayed with our Stampin’ Up! family. In today’s world, people don’t always stay with their jobs for years, so it makes me happy to see how low our turnover is. We had 17 employees who celebrated five-year anniversaries, 33 who celebrated their ten-year, and 9 who reached their fifteen-year milestone. Congratulations!



One of my favorite parts of the service awards is giving hugs. . . love the opportunity to give these amazing people a personal thanks and a warm hug. Rich asked me if he should tell everyone to be gentle when they hugged me and I said, Heck no! It was nice to get normal hugs. . . Then as we left, again accompanied by the live employee band, everyone received a tasty little white-chocolate covered pretzel treat bag. 

We have wonderful employees at Stampin' Up! And I wish them all a merry Christmas!